Toronto Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Despite well-marked bike lanes, injuries to cyclists are far too common. At CHAGPAR LAW in Toronto, we provide effective legal representation to injured cyclists. We pursue full financial recovery for clients as they recover physically and emotionally from these accidents. Our legal team has a record of achieving the type of full compensation that injured people need in order to move forward.

Securing Our Clients' Rights to Compensation

Injured cyclists may assume they have limited access to insurance benefits since they were not driving a motor vehicle at the time of their collision. In fact, compensation may be available from several sources, including:

  • Benefits from the injured person’s private insurance policy
  • Benefits from the injured person’s auto policy if the cyclist owns a vehicle
  • Benefits from the insurance policy of the driver involved in the accident
  • Benefits from the government’s Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund
  • A lawsuit against the party who caused the accident

The injuries sustained by cyclists hit by cars may take months or even years to heal, and these individuals may never be the same. Compensation is one means by which they can move ahead with a rehabilitation plan, secure in the knowledge that they have a financial foundation on which they can rely.

Understanding the Unique Needs of Injured Children

Children who are injured while riding bikes have specific legal, as well as medical, needs. Because a young child is still developing physically and mentally, the full impact of the child’s injuries may not be apparent immediately after the accident and a medical treatment plan may have to be adjusted accordingly as the child ages. From a legal perspective, a lawsuit brought on behalf of a child in Ontario must be supervised by a litigation guardian and any settlement must be approved by the court. Due to these complexities, experienced legal counsel is essential to secure the results your child requires for his or her own well-being, now and for the long term.

A Strong Legal Team Dedicated to Individual Client Needs

At CHAGPAR LAW, our legal team is committed to treating each client with a high level of respect and compassion. As experienced legal advocates, we use our knowledge of the law and apply it to the unique fact situation of each case, recognizing the needs of clients are as individual as they are and will change as they adjust to life following their injury. We have the experience that gets re$ults.

Serving Greater Toronto, Including Scarborough, Mississauga and Brampton: Bike Accident Lawyers

The Toronto-based bicycle accidents lawyers at our firm can meet with you as needed to discuss your injury and your legal options. If you are not mobile, we can come to you. Contact us online or call us at 416-733-HURT (4878) or call toll free at 844-549-4878. Initial consultations are free, and we speak your language: Translation services are available in any language.