My name is Josie Onwuka. Salina Chagpar is my Lawyer and  the Best Lawyer who has excellent knowledge of the law. When I got injured in a car accident, Salina worked my case and got me the best settlement. Salina was always happy to meet one on one with me, no matter, her busy schedule. Each time Salina met with me, she listened to my case with empathy. She often told me, "listen Josie, no question is too small to attend to". 

Her analytical skills gave me the confidence to stay with her during my case, till my case was settled to my satisfaction.  One thing I admired about Salina is that, she will never settle for less, especially when it comes to settlement (she always gets top dollars).

I was back to working and she was still able to get me an excellent settlement. She told me to be patient  with her to do her job.  If the case Salina is handling takes a few years, just be patient with her and abide with all the guidelines she gives; and at the end, you will smile.

Salina is exceptional. Exceptional, because, she attended to my case/trial while she was undergoing her own surgery which other Lawyers would not do.  Salina went above and beyond to assist me even when I was about to give up.  Salina is very honest and fair. Her team will always answer questions and help you.

You, who is reading this right now, I am recommending you to Salina and her Team, if you are injured in a car accident or had  personal injury, or need a lawyer to help you, Salina is the one to count on. Just note that Salina will assist you with every step from discovery to Settlement.

In conclusion, Salina is very humble who treats every client  with respect. Please contact her today if you need help. Meet her and see for yourself. After the first meeting you will know that she is a fighter and she will fight for you to the end !!!
Josie O
May 21, 2024
Salina Chagpar is a knowledgeable, passionate, honest, and charismatic person that we loved working with. Our experience with Salina and her team was always extremely positive. We had an army behind us with her team. Typically, it is difficult to get anything from insurance companies, but Salina and her law team worked hard to get the best results for our case. I was able to get cppd disability and a claim was advanced for catastrophic benefits and claims against the at fault driver. We had a lot of challenges to deal with including surveillance which while it didn’t have any impact on my ability to be able to return to work was still an issue for the insurance company making arguments of credibility concerns against what was the truth. Salina fought hard for us to defend the truth and get us justice.

After negotiations were complete, we walked away with a settlement that was beyond our expectations. Chagpar and Associates Personal Injury Law Firm did an excellent job for us. We would highly recommend them. We can’t imagine anybody whom we would choose to represent our interests better. Salina Chagpar is experienced, patient, caring, and had the skills required to secure the most compensation for our unfortunate car accident.

We appreciate all the hard work you have done for our case Salina, Thank you very much for everything.
Sayeed / Noorjahan Chowdhury
January 28, 2024
A car accident can change your life. It did mine. I thought my insurance company would help me. But they denied my treatments. They put me in the minor injury and said my accident was minor and refused to pay my treatments. But my lawyers fought for me. Salina and her team supported me from the beginning. They guided me and told me what to expect. I never thought my own insurance company would follow me around with investigators. I tried my best to even return to work. Salina believed in me and believed in my case. She even told me not to accept a settlement offer because she thought the offer was not enough money. I listened, I waited and she was right. I got far more for my settlement after waiting. I am glad I listened. I strongly recommend CHAGPAR Lawyers. I am so happy with what they did for me. I was treated like a person and not just any client. They cared about me. Thank you Salina and your team.
October 3, 2023

Salina was an incredible lawyer who helped me through a very tumultuous time in my life. I will be forever grateful for her expertise and guidance throughout this process. I felt safe around her as she really took the initiative to walk me through all the information necessary while taking responsibility for the things that took a mental toll on me during the period of my accident and lawsuit. If you guys were to go through a similar experience, I recommend that you go to Chagpar Law because I do not believe there is anyone who could have helped me through this process as smoothly as she has.

Shanthi Yohanathan
September 26, 2023

My wife and I have known Salina for many years. We were involved in our first accident and with Salina’s expertise, my wife was deemed to be catastrophic impaired by our insurance. We received compensation that was beyond our expectations. I was involved in another accident recently and came back for Salinas help. I have great appreciation for Salina Chagpar and her team of staff and Lawyers. With their exceptional professional experience, and in-depth knowledge of injury law I had a successful outcome again. They worked diligently and negotiated my settlement, exceeding expectations. Thank you very much! I highly recommend this team.

Wieslaw Kurdziel
July 27, 2023

Chagpar and team are exceptional at what they do. Since day one Salina has had our backs and supported us 100% of the way through. She did not and would not back down easily and was incredibly transparent with our entire case, explaining every step meticulously and was always there to answer any questions or concerns we had.

Although our arduous 5-year catastrophic claim case had its ups and downs, Salina, Jessica and team were always on top of their game. The family and I were incredibly happy with the results at the end of our case and we would highly recommend Salina and the team for any of your personal injury lawyer needs.

Bhairavy Sritharan
June 5, 2023

Chagpar and Associates are a team of professionals with legal skills that will provide you with an excellent settlement.

They ushered me through a difficult legal battle and more. The team is skilled and also very caring. They checked on me to see how I was doing from time to time and encouraged me all through the battle. I had a battle to be accepted as catastrophic from my own insurance company. Ms. Salina fought for me until they paid me what I deserved. I also had a fight with the at fault driver and I received a very significant settlement from them that I was very happy with. Even though my case has settled, the team continues to help me with my Canada Pension Disability claim.

I'll surely recommend Salina Chagpar and her skilled team. You will not be disappointed. If you work with them and follow their guidance your results and your experience will be like mine.

Thank you
Olusegun Adekunle
May 4, 2023

I have great appreciation for Ms Salina Chagpar and her team. After my accident, the insurance company rejected my health benefits and my pain worsened. After almost two years, I sought professional help and I am glad that I chose Ms. Salina and her team. They answered all my questions. With her exceptional professional experience and in depth knowledge of injury law they also helped me receive long term disability benefits. Ms. Salina worked diligently and negotiated my settlement exceeding my expectations.

Kind Regards,

Juliet C
May 4, 2023

Dear Salina,

I wanted to thank you for helping to resolve my case quickly. I would like to thank you for your professionalism and continued support. My heartfelt congratulations on continuing your service. I really appreciate everything and everyone in your team, whoever worked in my case.


September 21, 2021

Mrs.Chagpar and Chagpar Law firm made such a positive impact on my life. They worked on behalf of me persistently and tirelessly. Mrs. Chagpar waited standby on call and in person if I ever needed to discuss anything regarding my case. She made sure I felt heard and counseled me when a crisis occurred. If she could not be there in person, she made sure to have contacts in place at Chagpar Law firm such as Ms. Jessica to help answer any questions that I have. Mrs. Chagpar and Chagpar law firm are the best people to solve your legal problems. I highly recommend this law firm because they are hardworking and they will fight for you until the last moment to settle your case. Without them, I would not be here where I am today. Wait patiently and place your trust in them, they will not steer you wrong! They provided me with the results I wanted and expected, they even went beyond the dotted line to get me what I deserve. My expectations were fully met through my experience at Chagpar law firm. Thank you so much Mrs. Chagpar and Chagpar law associates for all your effort and kindness. I will never forget what you have done for me!


August 22, 2021

4 long years, 4 years of being unsure, but it was All Worth It. Truly Worth It. I had many times of confusion, frustration, and even feeling slightly depressed, but the only silver lining in the situation and comfort to what I was going though was Salina and her team. So many moments I didn't see or couldn't see a way of clarity or even the next dollar, but when I thought, the ground was going to crumble beneath my feet, there Salina and her team was again helping and making sure whatever I could get in terms of means to help my family through the unsure times of waiting for the case to come to an end. Not only was Salina able to help me find and provide the means for me to handle my week to week needs, but what was most important to me is that she was able to help and assist me with the needed help for me to get the physical therapy I needed to get my body back on track. Also, Salina was able to help me get the psychological help I needed to help me get over and through the very serious car accident I was in..

Honestly speaking I'm grateful and very thankful for Chagpar Associates and all there help and being there for me when I needed and even when I didn't know I needed it.

Special thank you to Salina, it was great to see you in action and truly fighting for my benefit, I would say woman Power, but honestly man or women Salina and her team are more than capable of handling your case and your needs as they may arise. And if there is any wonder to whether or not I am or was happy with my settlement, well lets just say... I truly am. and have nothing to complain about. For the results I received through the process and guidance the time of this case was worth it in every sense.

Once again always and forever Thank you Salina Chagpar and Associates.

Special Thanks once again from,

Joseph B.
August 16, 2021

I had involved in a motor vehicle accident few years ago and it was complicated as there were three parties involved in an accident. I wasn’t sure who to reach out to consult about my MVA. During this time, I was referred to Salina Chagpar & Associates and our journey with Chagpar & Associates was very successful.

I was going through a very difficult time, physically, mentally, financially, as well the insurance company was denied to pay for the income replacement benefits and for the medical assessment that I was going throughout this period. Our trust and confidence in Salina and her team and their professionalism, passion, and dedication for their job was gave us a hope every time when I was down and worried about my future.

Salina did her very best above and beyond and fought and broke all obstacles in the path to settle the case for the best possible outcome, I and my family can’t ask anything more than what Salina has done in my case to settle. We are lucky that we have made the best choice to retain Salina Chagpar and Associates as our personal injury lawyer and we are very thankful to Salina and her entire team.

Our sincere heartfelt thank you goes out to Ms. Salina F. Chagpar & Associates and her team for the outstanding work towards to settle our case for the best result.

Ehatharan & Rohini
August 15, 2021

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

On behalf of Mr.Sinnappu Santhiyapillai and myself, we would like to thank Salina Chagpar and her team for helping us to get what we deserved. Without their professional advises, great quality work and core value responsiveness, we wouldn't have received what we deserved. We’re very very grateful, and can’t say these words over and over again, Thanks and God Bless.

Mary and Sinnapu
July 29, 2021

I have been a client of Chagpar and Associates for the past few years I must say Salina is a miracle worker. She really knows her profession and gets results beyond your expectations, she certainly doesn’t settle for less and has her clients best interest at heart and I’m a living example. I was blown away when I saw Salina in action, she came through for me during the most difficult times of my life and I’ll be forever grateful, I would highly recommend her and her firm over and over again. I would like you thank her for all her hard work and patience, I would also like to thank Jessica T for her kindness over the months, thank you once again for everything and continue the great work :

C. Owusu-Afriyie
May 19, 2021

Salina Chagpar is such a hardworking and professional lawyer. She has a passion for her job and to be a successful lawyer you have to have a true passion for your work. Also, compassion for clients as a lawyer is really important and Salina has it. She reaches her true professional potential with her compassion for her clients. I would strongly recommend Salina and her firm for any personal injury matter. All in all, Salina has all of the common traits of a successful and great lawyer. I never expected to receive the results that I got. She pushed me not to accept offers and while I had to wait longer, the settlement was beyond my expectation.

I strongly recommend CHAGPAR & ASSOCIATES.

Best Regards,

J. Obid
May 12, 2021

We are very happy to meet Salina, Daxin, and all the staff at Chagpar & Associates who have helped us with the case. Thank you for all the effort and hard work that Chagpar & Associates have put into our case. We are all very pleased and satisfied with the results of our case, the team have helped us get maximum benefit. We would highly recommend Chagpar & Associates to family and friends. Thank you very much.

Jin Xiao Li
June 7, 2019

I was hit by large car going 50 Km an hour on my way to Class one day. Not only did that stop me from attending my class that day, it stopped me from attending university for an entire year. I could barely walk for weeks and was severely concussed for nearly a year and a half. I was not able to go to school, work or even attend social events. Everything that I used to know as a normal life became painful and unbearable. I hoped to have someone help me to claim some of my life back, but I was told that the things I have lost did not have enough value for any legal action to be possible. Salina disproved that, she saw me for what I was, a 19 year old just trying to reclaim her life and she fought for me. She took it upon herself to help me to get reparations for what I’ve endured and help a severely depressed and almost hopeless university student regain excitement for the future.

For her I will eternally be grateful, what she provided for me was more than a legal service it was validation for my pain and support for my future, which was more than I ever expected.

Best Regards,

Dina Kawr
June 8, 2019

I was very pleased and satisfied with my personal injury journey at Chagpar and Associates and am very happy with the result.

I would highly recommend this law firm to my friends and family.


K. Poopalasingam
April 18, 2019

To Salina and Chagpar & Associates,

I wanted to reach out to you in regards to my experience with your Law Firm. Being one of your clients has been exceptional! In conclusion to my case, I have been granted for CPP with your assistance!

I am so thankful to all the staff at Chagpar & Associates for their effort to help and guide me all the way until my case was done. Especially Salina Chagpar, for all the hard work she has given me relating to my two car accidents. I’m so grateful to have had my two car accident cases solved alongside being granted with CPP. If it wasn’t for Salina and her team at Chagpar & Associates, my cases probably wouldn’t be over until now.

I can’t imagine how my life would be right now if it wasn’t for the help of Salina Chagpar and the rest of the Chagpar & Associates staff members. Your law firm is amazing and I am so grateful to have received the services from all of you. Thank you!

In all sincerity,

February 6, 2019

I had a slip and fall incident which I injured my shoulder. I contacted Chagpar and Associates and they took on my case. It took 3 years to settle but I was told to be patient and everything will work out. And it did work out! Chagpar and Associates settled my case better than I was expecting. Extremely happy with the results.

Jill Venning
September 3, 2018

Ms. Salina F. Chagpar took my case when I was injured as a result of a serious car accident. I heard she was one of the best Litigation Lawyers in Ontario and I can confirm that she is, by far. The accident caused me to experience a very tough time in my life, but everything was made much easier with the assistance of Ms. Salina F. Chagpar and her staff.

Ms. Salina F. Chagpar worked tirelessly to get me the physiotherapy treatment and income replacement benefits over the past two years which enabled me to recover from my injuries.

I was extremely impressed with the amount of attention and time Ms. Salina F. Chagpar and her staff put towards my case. When Ms. Salina F. Chagpar would speak to the lawyers of the insurance company, she showed an extremely detailed knowledge about my injuries and the impact the accident had on all the aspects of my life.

She and her staff always kept me informed on the progress of my case. Thanks to Ms. Salina F. Chagpar and her staff for working diligently on all aspects of my case. I received the full compensation that the insurance company originally denied me. I am forever grateful and would recommend CHAGPAR & Associates to anybody needing the help of a dedicated personal injury lawfirm.

Rajendran Ponnuthurai
August 8, 2018

In 2011 I was involved in a motorcycle accident, in which I was found to be not at fault. I was hit by a left turning driver while I had the green light and right of way. As a result, I was taken to the ER and had to have my left leg amputated below the knee. To say it was a life changing event for me would be an understatement. I was lost and confused and had no idea what to expect or what to do next. While I was in the hospital, my family helped me to get in contact with a lawyer that could guide me through the process of healing and litigation to get what I rightfully deserved. After the surgery, I received my first prosthetic and began the first of many physiotherapy sessions to relearn how to walk all over again. Because my injuries were deemed "catastrophic", I was assigned a case manager to help me with the daily struggles of booking appointments and going to countless assessments to determine my level of impairment. After many years of ups and downs, and getting the run around from the third party lawyers, the end was finally in sight. Ms. Chagpar fought long and hard, and was relentless to get me the settlement that she knew I deserved. She accepted nothing less than her highest standards, and it was well worth the wait. My whole family has been extremely grateful to her for working so tirelessly, and I appreciate everything that she has done for me in regards to my case. I could not be happier with the outcome, and would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone in need of legal counsel.

Thank you Salina Chagpar & Associates.

Daniel Liu

As a client of Ms. Chagpar, I am pleased to write this letter of reference for her.

I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Chagpar when I was going through Court due to a car accident in which I was seriously injured.

On every occasion, both in and outside the courtroom, she greatly impressed me with her communication skills, enthusiasm and punctuality. Also, I found her to be self-motivated. In my opinion, Ms. Chagpar is a natural and good lawyer. She served my interest in this case and I am still satisfied with her performance.

I highly recommend Ms. Chagpar to anyone that needs legal services.

If you have any questions or further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at (647) 887-1595.


Amadu Ankama
July 7, 2018

I have been a professional investor working for a large pension fund. After I had been rear ended on the QEW in September 2012, I initially retained a big downtown Toronto Lawfirm, which had no strategy at all, and also screwed up my case because of the premature advice given by the staff assigned to me. That's right! Not all injury lawyers on radio, TV and bus commercials know what they are doing.

After I talked with Ms. Salina Chagpar by direct referral, I fired my previous lawyer immediately, because I could tell the huge difference in how I was treated. Salina was really professional, very experienced, straight to the point and most important, she has strategies! She is nice and patient, spoke with me about my case, and she's a disciplined, professional and a tough negotiator against the big name lawyers on the other side. I have heard of many stories about her fighting for her clients, and my own experience formed another legendary story of her.

I believe if it were not because of Ms. Chagpar, I would not have been able to win the case. I might have given up during the long period of waiting, hearing and mediation. Her consistency, persistence, competitiveness and determination won me a huge amount that enabled me to get my life back on track. I've got to tell you that Salina doesn't take no for an answer. A settlement in 6 years is really a long time, but it was worth it. She is definitely a lawyer that not only fights for you, but also inspires you to the end.

Once again, I would like to say 'thank you' to Salina, Daxin, Ashu and Andrea for all they have done.

I hope you can overcome your issues with the best possible outcome, like I did.

Steven W.

Salina Chagpar came highly recommended which was the reason I chose Chagpar & Associates as my legal team to represent me in a vehicle bodily injury claim. I entered into legal consultation later in the process to ensure effective negotiations with my Insurance Company.

Throughout the process I observed the following professional attributes:

  • Expertise in negotiating successful outcomes
  • Attention to detail
  • Realistic advice
  • Diligent follow-up
  • Ongoing support & exemplary communication at all times
  • Client needs came first & foremost
  • High level of professionalism
  • It is challenging to qualify for non-earner benefits when employment income is absent in retirement. This is a unique client status. This request was negotiated successfully in my case due to presentation of comprehensive details of my injuries & severe impacts to my physical & emotional health and wellbeing.

    The positive outcome of my case has alleviated personal stress in knowing I have financial support to continue therapies as required in the future.

    It will be a pleasure to highly recommend Salina and her Legal Team in the future. My sincere appreciation and gratitude!"

    Salina: Thank you once again for considering my case and for sharing your expertise to achieve successful results. It has been a pleasure to partner with you from the very beginning. Your personal support to me throughout the legal process was invaluable!

    Warmest Regards,

    November, 2017

    Words cannot express how tremendously grateful we are to Ms. Chagpar’s sincere compassion and legal assistance during one of the most challenging times of our lives.

    While coming highly-recommended to me by one of my customers, Ms. Chagpar’s level of expertise and professionalism surpassed even our greatest expectations. Aside from her obvious skills and remarkable success rate, Ms.Chagpar is genuinely committed to her clients.

    Regardless of the time or the importance of my matter, every phone call, Txt and email was promptly and personally returned. With each circumstances that arose, she guided me through the long and daunting legal process for 4+ Years. She never lost her patience despite my frequent and overwhelming inquiries in confusion due to my wife being worsening her mental and physical situation, having to deal with financial challengers, and other, her staff provided a supportive role as we never experienced such a tragic times of our lives that we had to go through.

    Overall exceeding the scope of what lawyers today, Ms. Chagpar has brought us happiness and hope for the future of my wife and family by helping us to receive proper compensation.

    Lawyers like Ms. Chagpar are truly and exceptionally rare. Though it goes without saying, I would never hesitate to refer her outstanding services to any One in the future. Any one reading this testimonial should walk in to her office with confidence and trust that she will do the best for you!.


    Jude & Anjala
    August, 2017

    I want to say Thank You to Chagpar and Associates! My file was always handled very Professionaly by the Firm. I actually Recieved Settlement way before I had anticiapted and I am very pleased with the outcome. My Questions never went without clear, Honest anserws. My Financial Concerns and situation was always put at the forefront my needs came first. I am so very gratefull to Chagpar and Associates for getting me through one of hardest times I have gone through. I would never hesitate to reffer my Family or Freinds If they ever needed it I would know they would being handled with care.

    Chagpar and Associates are Awesome!!!

    Patricia Johnson
    August, 2016

    In May 2010, I was in a MVA which changed my life and my families life. I met Salina Chagpar and her wonderful staff that same year and it was the best decision I made to have her as my lawyer to represent me and my family. I have two young kids and at the time of my accident, my daughter was two years old and my son was almost ten. There’s nothing like an accident that takes away the joy from you when your not capably of doing the things you once could with your kids. It’s not just the kids that suffer but your spouse as well. It places a tremendous strain on a relationship.

    With the guidance of Ms. Chagpar and her staff, they helped my family and myself get through the fighting struggles that we went through over the last five and half years of our lives with the Insurance company. There were a few times I felt like throwing in the towel, BUT Ms. Chagpar showed me her fighting will to prove that when someone is in the wrong she will put up her dukes and fight for her client ( not physically, but in the court room ). Ms. Chagpar is a woman of good standards and equality and will give you every bit of her being even when sick, cause she is a woman who loves her job and will always give you 110% to fight for you. A woman lawyer like Salina is hard to come by, so if you happen to have her in your corner, GO FOR IT! I would have no other. I also want to thank Mr. Haines for all the extended hours and care he showed in my case as every case is number one priority in Ms. Chagpar’s law firm.

    Thanks a million !

    Judy H. and Family.
    January, 2016.

    The world is full of good people and I was fortunate enough to have met one of them when I stumbled across Salina Chagpar. Except good isn't even close to describing Salina and her team.

    The injuries I suffered as a result of the motor vehicle accident changed many aspects of my life. My social, professional and personal life all took a turn for the worse. There were many times when I was so low that I couldn't see any hope. Salina kept me grounded during these times and gave me hope and reassurance throughout the difficult times.

    There aren't enough words to describe the dedication, care and diligence that Salina and her team offer every step of the journey. Having a serious injury can often place a person in a very dark place, a place that not many people understand. But when you feel assured by a solid, dedicated team that things will be ok and that giving up is not an option, you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel and light begins to enter that dark place. It is the guidance that I received from Salina and her wonderful team that has made my dark place a little lighter. I have never met anyone who has as much empathy as Salina does and who fights for you so hard for a just resolution. It was as if I was part of the Chagpar family. Hearing Salina tell me that "I'm not just a case" during one of our last meetings melted my heart and made me feel like part of her family.

    As I said in the beginning, the world is full of good people only often it's hard to find them. I wish for those individuals who have the misfortune of being struck by bad luck on the road and sustaining injuries to find their way to great people like Salina Chagpar and her team.

    My case finally settled and I couldn't have asked for better results. Throughout the process, I put my entire trust in Salina and her team as to what a fair settlement for me should be. I never asked any questions about money because I knew that I was in the best possible hands. To the end, I allowed Salina to advocate on my behalf without questions asked because I knew that she and her team were working for the fairest settlement that I deserved. The effort the whole team put forward seemed like the same effort as they would put on their own cases.

    The silver lining of my story is that my misfortunes that I encountered as a result of my two motor vehicle accidents have made me gain a great friend who I know I can count on in time of need, as proved by Salina Chagpar. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Salina and team. My family will forever be grateful.

    On behalf of myself and my family members involved in our vehicle accident on June 22, 2010.

    We all thank-you and your Associates handling our case in a professional and caring manner. I would highly recommend your services for a job well done.

    Thank-you and I wish you all the best in your personal and future endeavour's.

    Enclosed is a photo of myself, you and your wonderful staff.


    Barbara Hamilton

    I was involved in a motorcycle accident in July 2012. After trying to deal with my insurance company on my own, I realized it would be in my best interest to get a lawyer. Salina Chagpar was recommended to me and I have not regretted this decision since day one. They answered all my questions and were always available when I called. Everyone was very professional and I felt they did everything possible for me. The end result was my receiving a settlement I was very happy with and truthfully it was more than I hoped for. I would highly recommend them to anyone that needed their help.

    Thank you

    J. D.

    In spring of 2008 I was driving in a car with four friends late one night when we hit a guardrail. I hit my head and lost consciousness, when I awoke in the hospital I was shocked to be alive and even more shocked and saddened to learn two of my friends had died in the crash. I sustained life-threatening injuries and spent years in rehab. Being only 18 at the time, my parents were so distraught and I think they realized more than I did back than what a huge mess we were all in for. My parents were worried about my future and all I cared about was overcoming my physical obstacles and getting back to my life.

    My case was very complicated as four lives along with their families were forever changed that day. Every family had lawyers and their own insurance companies; there were almost too many people involved to count. To make things even more complicated we found out the car we were driving that night had fraudulent insurance.

    As the years went by and I finished rehab and returned to my "normal life" it dawned on me how crucial this case was to my life and all the stress and worrying my parents were doing was actually warranted. The first part of my case was settled in Oct 2010. It was a huge success and it was amazing watching Salina work. She really is a fantastic lawyer who wants only the best for her clients.

    Almost three years later and after numerous delays from the other parties we finally settled the second part of my case. This day was a completely different atmosphere. The day ran long, I was emotional having to relive that night and hearing hurtful things being said by the other families and their lawyers. No one seemed as though they wanted to settle and I was certain we would have to go to trial. Finally in the last hour we settled with an amount my family, Salina and I were extremely happy with. One point I must mention as I really appreciated it, Salina is a tough woman but she was also very sensitive to how I felt during this entire process as I was and still am so emotional when talking about this.

    After five years I am so relieved now to put this behind me, stop worrying about my future and get back to living my life. My family and I have peace of mind and that is 100% because of Salina and her team's hard work and consistent fighting on my behalf. She gave me hope when I thought for certain my life was over. Salina is an amazing lawyer and an even better person. Honestly, I feel bad for her opponents because she's that good.

    I want to thank Salina and her team for everything that they have done for me. One of the best choices I've made in my entire life was having you as my lawyer. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I hope writing this helps someone that is in the same position as I was five years ago.


    It was on Saturday June 19th 2010 my entire life would change forever without me even knowing it. I was on my way to teach my dance class when I came to a full stop awaiting the traffic in front of me to make their turn. I looked in my rear view mirror to see a car out of control about to smash into me. I closed my eyes and before i knew it, my car was flying into the air and pushed into the SUV in front of me. I had hit my head on my staring wheel and was pretty shaken up. The driver of the vehicle whom had hit me was very apologetic and crying. People make mistakes and it was time to move past all this and move on with our lives. As the days and weeks went by I was in excruciating pain and had horrible migraines. I was told to seek a lawyer and I am glad that I did, as things became more complicated with my health. I was referred to Ms. Chagpar and I could not have asked to be represented by a better law firm.

    In September of 2010, not even 3 months after my accident, my vision started to get blurry. By the beginning of October 2010, I was completely blind, suffering from a detachment of both retina. The insurance company had still not paid me IRB's, I was denied LTD from my work without a reasonable explanation and to make things even worse; my insurance company AXA, had rejected my physiotherapy. Being in the position that I was in, I had no time to concentrate on my case. It was so stressful, as I had bills pilling up and with my vision problems, it was chaos. My case was very complicated as there were too many people involved. Ms. Chagpar had her work cut out for her as she was up against three insurance companies who were not willing to back down. You have to have a lot of faith in your lawyer and trust that they will fight for you doing everything they can to get your case settled. After a short period of time, Ms. Chagpar broke the big three and my case was settled with great results. I was happy with the outcome of my case despite all the obstacles. I was very grateful that Ms. Chagpar was able to resolve my case in such a short period of time.

    Ms. Chagpar's team went above and beyond to get me all the benefits that I was entitled to. They made this entire process as stress free as possible, so that I could concentrate on my health. If it had not been for their dedication and determination I would have been in a worse off place. Ms. Chagpar is also as determined and dedicated to her clients, hence this being reflected by her team. It was a honour to see how passionate Ms. Chagpar was when she was fighting my case because she does not back down and will fight for you until the end. They made me feel like I mattered and not just another case or number. So if you are looking for a dedicated, determined and compassionate team, CHAGPAR and Associates is the team you want on your side.

    Greatly appreciated and i wish you success and victory with all future cases!


    Hello my name is Arash.

    I was one of Ms. Chagpar clients. When I was rear ended in HWY 400, I had no idea that I was hurt as bad as I really was. I went back to work and after two month and plenty of headaches I had a X-ray done and I found out my neck is broken. After I was advised by my doctor to stop working I started to look for a lawyer. My first lawyer couldn't even get me an income replacement and after three month he advised me to go and work for cash!!! That's right. Not all lawyers are the same.

    When I found Ms. Chagpar by direct referral, she immediately took over my file and after firing my previous lawyer, she got my income replacement benefit only after three days. My case was specially complicated because my X-ray was showing that my injury could be Congenital. After my insurance company and the third party insurance saw the word "Congenital" they were all over it and didn't even want to accept the fact that I was injured.

    I believe if it wasn't because of Ms. Chagpar, we wouldn't be able to win the case without a huge compromise. Her consistency, competitiveness and determination won me more than $500.000 and I was able to get my life back on track. I've got to tell you that there aren't many lawyers that don't take no for an answer. Ms. Chagpar is definitely one of the lawyers that fight for you to the end.

    You can contact me through my email if you have hesitation or questions. arashengheta@gmail.com

    I hope you can overcome your issue with the best possible outcome, like I did.

    Arash E.

    I guess you can say I had learned my hard lesson in 1997 when my husband was killed in a car accident after only five years of marriage. We had a five year old handicapped child together that was a miracle baby that wasn't even supposed to survive the day we had to take her off life support. I had obtained a lawyer to help settle things and deal with insurance and find out what my rights were because I had never dealt with anything like this nor did I ever think I would have to. Not all lawyers are the same and believe me when I say you really do need a lawyer to fight for your rights. Unfortunately the one I had chosen was closing his practice and wasn't going to be in it for the long haul and just wanted to make one last quick buck before going. He told me not to fight because it would cost me too much money and it could drag on for years even though my husband was at no way at fault someone had cross over into his lane hit him in the driver side door and killed him instantly. Needless to say I believed what the lawyer told me. For many years I had people tell me how foolish I was to allow that to happen. A few other words they said also. How was I to know?

    Now years later on April 7, 2009, I wake to go to work just like any other day not thinking that my life is going to change once again for the rest of my life. I'm in the driver's seat of a ford focus and all I see is this black F150 truck coming right at me. In comparison to my car this was a big truck. I had nowhere to go, no time to get out, all I can think about is the hurt and pain my daughter would feel if God forbid I died in this accident. I heard the sound of crushing metal which reminds me of the sound of someone stepping on pop cans. My body is being whipped back and forth. Then it all stops. Oh my God. Oh my God. I must have said that a thousand times then moved on to Thank you God Thank you God. I think I was in shock for days maybe even longer. The man got out and kept saying sorry sorry I didn't see you, I am so sorry are you o.k.

    That same day I had to fill in the police report. I even think the insurance company wanted to talk to me that day. I knew from my 1997 experience not to make the same mistake I made when my husband was killed. I needed a lawyer who knew what they were doing, who wasn't just out for the money, who fought for my rights as a person and was willing to fight hard no matter how long it took. Insurance companies love to take your money every month. Insurance companies hate to pay for injuries to a person. They will try to blame you say you were at fault they will try to say you're not hurt. They will make you feel like dirt. If it wasn't for Salina Chagpar and her staff I don't think I would have made it through this. She has worked hard and done so much for me. She is a great lawyer and will fight to the bitter end. Nothing can stop her! If Ever you need someone on your side Salina Chagpar is the one to have.

    Once again thank you Salina and Chris for all you have done.


    Ms Salina Chagpar is knowledgeable, intelligent, and fair with stern decision making power and by far the most determined individual on your side with amazing representation that is unmatched. Assisted my family in numerous ways in such a hard time when I could not even help myself, specifically with all the emotional turmoil and the loss of income that occurred because of the injuries I sustained in a motor vehicle accident.

    Motor Vehicle Accident situations can sometimes seem to never end or go away, but Salina Chagpar fought for me rightfully I gained of perspective and closure on this near death and catastrophic event which lead to a multi-million dollar settlement.

    Ms. Chagpar is truly amazing, she helped me and my family and words can't describe the grace and power of determination of this Accident/Injury lawyer and her staff. Arguing the real relevant factors in my case that proved to win for me and my family which saved us to emerge from a disaster I thought we could not escape. She is a force of measurable strength for each action she took in my proceedings and settlement. The realistic approach is that she is not afraid to get in deep and tell you the hard facts. With time everything might not heal as quick but the results will be revealed when there is a real accident victim such as myself who really needed to be assisted in legal matters after such a horrific traumatizing event that changed not only a person's entire life but all of their loved ones surrounding them.

    Salina and her partners/staff were there every step of the way.

    The real passionate defence of Ms. Salina Chagpar and her staff representation speaks for itself.

    As frustrating as an accident case can be, me and my entire family are blessed and more than lucky to have come across such a talented individual and team in the midst of such desperate times and so much uncertainty because of how quick things can change in an instant.

    I am an honest person who getting into a car one night almost lost my life and I am grateful to God and the help of this Injury Law Firm for delivering the best representation possible, greatest communication in adherence to relevance, and most of all peace of mind.

    With all of this said I would like to congratulate and truly thank Salina Chagpar and Associates for winning my case and being aware of the real situation before hand. They were comforting careful and detailed with everything.

    The best representation to provide you the benefit of the doubt and closure on not only an accident case but life overall.


    I was met with a major accident in the spring of 2008. On my way home from work, I was T-boned at an intersection. The accident left me with several injuries including orthopaedic injuries. It caused me lots of pain all over my body. The severity of my pain left me hospitalized for several weeks.

    Several days later still at the hospital I was looking for a personal injury lawyer. One of my friends gave me the name of Ms. Salina Chagpar. I contacted Ms. Chagpar and received very professional advice and guidance regarding the lawsuit against the insurance companies. Ms. Chagpar and the staff are very knowledgeable and very helpful. I was very impressed with their diligence and commitment to my case. Ms. Chagpar and the staff are very courteous and respectful. They always responded promptly to phone calls and emails and took the time to thoroughly explain issues.

    Beside my accident lawsuit case, I had my LTD (Long Term Disability) claim denied by my provider. Pursuing a disability claim is very stressful and very emotional. If I hadn't Ms. Chagpar representing my interests, a satisfactory conclusion would have never happened with my LTD case.

    I am very thankful to Ms. Chagpar and the staff and for all their help and support. Their hard work left me very happy with the settlement results. If I had to go through this again I would not hesitate to contact Ms. Chagpar again.

    A. S.

    "In the spring of 2005 I was working as a taxi driver in London, Ontario. the accident was a T-bone type of accident. the accident left me banged up and with pain in my body, especially in my head and upper spine area, but more problems started to come out days and even weeks after. soon after my accident I contacted an injury lawyer, so I would receive professional and accurate help and advice while dealing with my insurance.-and good thing I did because dealing with insurance on my own would be tough and needlessly a painful process which would most likely leave me with no real help from my insurance.

    Ms. Salina Chagpar was my lawyer. while under Ms. Chagpar's guidance I went through a process of dealing with insurance and doctors, physiotherapy and others involved in my case. Ms. Chagpar and her staff were crucial to my case. I found Ms. Chagpar to be very professional, helpful, compassionate and a down to earth person which made talking to her very easy. Same goes for her staff...I can't stress enough how this took away a lot of the pressure and otherwise unnecessary headache. During my case Ms. Chagpar helped me to get Canada pension disability( unable to work in any capacity). During the time of my case Ms. Chagpar and her staff were extremely helpful with all aspects of my concerns, my phone calls were answered in timely fashion. also I was classified as catastrophic. Normally my injuries would not fall under this category but due to very hard work from Ms. Chagpar and her staff I was classified as catastrophic which significantly reflected my final settlement. As far as I know it is not easy to be classified as catastrophic but thanks to Ms. Chagpar I got this classification which to me means that I am not left without means to provide for my life. I am very satisfied with the positive results Ms. Chagpar got me. To me it is priceless. I can lead a fairly normal life as much as normal means in these circumstances. My settlement was more than I ever expected and I can honestly say that this is thanks to Ms. Chagpar and her staff. I am totally happy with the final outcome and would have no problems recommending Ms. Salina Chagpar. Her work ethic and hard work went beyond my expectations in a positive way.

    Thank you Salina. Thank you Ms. Chagpar's staff."

    A. S.

    I was involved in a motor vehicle accident March 19th, 2009. I was hit by a garbage truck and my vehicle rolled a few times. Although I got out of my car in one piece, that was just the start. It was recommended that I contact a lawyer and a friend suggested I contact Ms. Chagpar and her team. From our first meeting they were incredibly helpful. After 5 and a half years a lot of financial and emotional stress, we were on the door steps of going to trial just days before the matter settled. We had attended repeat pre trials and I wanted to give in and settle but I believed in Salina and her expert team's direction to wait it out. The end result was me receiving a settlement I was very happy with and truthfully it was more than I hoped for. I want to thank Salina and her team for everything that they have done for me. I would highly recommend them to anyone that needed their help.


    C Gilbank

    In November, 2008 I was hit by a car while standing on a pedestrian island. I was thrown into the air and landed on my back in the middle of the road. I was taken to the hospital by ambulance. I was in great physical and emotional pain. This day changed my life because I couldn't do the daily activities that I had done before.

    My friend suggested I contact Ms. Chagpar. From our first meeting Ms Chagpar and her team were incredibly helpful. After 6.5 years of financial and emotional stress and repeated pre trials, Salina and her team were able to reach a succesful settlement on my behalf.

    Through this whole process I found Salina very friendly, caring and helpful. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of legal council. .

    Jolanta D. Niagara on the lake