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An accident can change your life in an instant, and it can alter all of your plans for the future. If you have suffered a spinal injury such as paralysis from an accident, you may need long-term care and support.

According to the Canadian Paraplegic Association Ontario, approximately 84 percent of people who sustain a spinal cord injury are under the age of 34. People who experience such a life-altering injury whether old or young require not only short-term support but also the tools to adjust to their new reality and move forward with their lives. At CHAGPAR LAW of Toronto, Salina F. Chagpar and our legal team are advocates for our clients’ needs, both now and into the future.

A New Reality

No one can speak comprehensively about the effects of sudden paralysis except those who have experienced it. However, several specific life changes often follow an injury that has resulted in paraplegia or quadriplegia, including:

  • Regular rehabilitation, physical therapy and medical care
  • A new profession or reduced-level employment
  • Alterations to one’s home and car to accommodate different physical needs
  • Added stress to personal relationships, including friends and family

In the immediate aftermath of a car accident or traumatic event that has caused paralysis, medical care is the priority. Long-term changes in a person’s life may not fully manifest for months, or even years. We understand that at this critical time clients need to focus on healing. A properly customized team of medical practitioners can facilitate our clients’ recovery while we quarterback the complicated legal management of their case. Together the medical and legal management teams share in the collaborative efforts to achieve the shared goals.

Committed to Our Clients' Long-Term Needs

As a law firm dedicated to client service, CHAGPAR LAW focuses on each client’s specific legal needs. Our years of standing by injury victims have given us the required experience to advise our clients on what they can expect during the process of filing a legal claim, as well as to provide an honest assessment of the results we are able to achieve. We have the experience that gets re$ults.

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If you need legal advice about your rights, our Toronto paralysis lawyers are here to help. We know coming to us may be difficult if you have mobility issues, so we will come to you. Getting in touch with us is as easy as contacting us online or call us at 416-733-HURT (4878).  We offer a free initial consultation for our services, and translation services in any language are available.